Dr. Martin Buerki

leadership partner, speaker & author

“Joy in leading others results in success – and not the other way around.”

Leading defines the direction of a movement that evolves from within. That is the reason why leadership is always a question of suitability attitude.

Companies and organizations need more leadership! Not a process-oriented but rather an dictating integrating leadership that transports culture, builds trust and enables transformation.

Leadership Coaching

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    Executive Coaching

    Proactively shaping your own future, shedding old behavioral patterns and staying in motion.

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    Team Coaching

    Take performance and collaboration to a new level and shape (cultural) transformation.

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Leadership Development

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    Leading Yourself

    Performing and shaping as a leader: Finding and consciously filling your own role.

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    Leading Others

    Leading others is a noble task - and brings your leadership behavior into focus.

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    Changing Organizations

    Transformation is a constant topic for leaders. Approach challenges within your change projects pro-actively and understand the systemic mechanisms of impact.

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Leadership Tools

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    On the essential five core tasks of leadership. Lead with (more) joy and impact.

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    Cultural Fingerprint©

    Recognize your individual imprint in the system with the CFP. And further develop your impact in a targeted and concrete way.

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    Immunity to Change

    You would like to develop further but fall back into old patterns again and again? Identify your personal blockage - your individual Immunity to Change (ITC). And overcome this blockade in 4 steps.

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How I will help you:

Leaders find themselves often between organizational change, complex dependencies and human needs. That may be puzzling and exhausting.

I help leaders to focus with joy on the core of leadership. So that they create a climate in which employees flourish, engage and develop.

Short Curriculum vitae

Get to know me (better).

Why necessary change does not happen even when all involved parties have committed to it? And what does that mean for leaders? I am passionately devoted to these and similar questions. In my work I integrate insights from various sources such as Positive Psychology and different development approaches to help leaders in many organizations to identify and overcome the Immunity to Change (ITC) of individuals and groups. So that they might achieve a state of continuous and deliberate development.

Further points:

− PhD in business administration and economics; university of Basle
− Positions in Management Consulting and Banking
− Since 2003: self-employed entrepreneur and leadership partner
− 2011: ITC diploma of Harvard university, Boston
− 2013: ITC-facilitator diploma of Harvard university, Boston
− 2018: Latest publication (in german): “leading with the T.I.G.E.R.-Method”
− 2019: Published various articles (see material)
− 2021: “Growing complex”; Growth Edge Coaching; with J. Garvey Berger − 2022: Global Leadership Profile (practitioner & facilitator certification @GLA) − 2023: Co-lead alumni training @GLA: Teamdevelopment using GLP