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Take performance and collaboration to a new level and shape (cultural) transformation.

It is not a matter of course that the members of a team work together optimally, question each other specifically and constructively and trust each other. And with that, the question is also open whether the team in which you are currently working is exploiting its potential and showing the kind of performance that could be expected - because that is not a matter of course either. Use my team coaching to reach a next level together with your team in a moderated process.

The goal of team coaching: Facilitate cooperation

Today, many obstacles stand in the way of effective cooperation. Either mutual trust is damaged, there are unspoken tensions or the team members do not manage to take care of the really important issues in all the operational hectic. My coaching allows us to look at our own team from the outside, to identify the necessary changes in moderated steps and then to initiate them - for valuable team development and sustainable team building.

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Team Coaching: Strengthening trust

The basis of all cooperation is mutual trust. Building such trust takes time and concrete activities. In my team coaching sessions you can launch and implement these together with all participants. As a coach, I create and maintain the important, safe space for this (psychological safety).

Finding focus with Team Coaching

It is understandable to focus on pressing problems. However, many teams suffer from the fact that they don’t really make progress because of this, that they don’t set the necessary impulses in the business, especially when they are working on the system instead of the team. Many teams experience this situation as frustrating, boring and tiring. With team coaching, they find their real team purpose, i.e. that contribution of the team within the system that actually makes a difference - with my method of team coaching you get more meaning, significance and focus.

How Team Coaching promotes business development

Whether you have administrators, project staff or leaders in your team, the basic expectation remains the same for all of them: to develop the business continuously and consistently. This expectation cannot be reduced to mere growth, because this is ultimately a consequence and not the goal of business development.

But does your team fulfil this basic expectation? If not, why not? Probably one reason lies in the complexity and the necessity to meet this complexity with cross-divisional cooperation. But this requires versatility, acceptance and tolerance - in short: “process extenders”. Use coaching to deal constructively with different opinions in the team. Only the combination of different perspectives allows you to approach complexity constructively and not to get stuck in its simplification.

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As a partner for leadership transformation, I coach leadership teams in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and English-speaking countries. Are you interested in specific team coaching for your leaders and employees? Then don’t hesitate to contact me. I also offer individually tailored leadership coaching in the area of executive coaching. I look forward to meeting you!