Leadership Weiterbildung

Change Management: Changing the Organisation

For an organisation to stand out from the competition and seize opportunities, it must constantly evolve - and it needs leaders who drive this evolution and the associated change process. Many leaders are therefore dealing with the issues of change and transformation and are challenged to set the right impulses at the right time. One of the greatest challenges that the leadership team faces is the reaction to the change project. With the continuing education programme “Changing the Organisation”, you will learn how to conduct effective change management and how to tackle the challenges within the change project.

«If you want to get to know your organization, then try to change it.»

Change management with quality: focusing strengths; creating movement

While unconsciously we are constantly changing and adapting to new situations, conscious or imposed change often comes less easily to us. For managers it follows that they should closely and continuously accompany change processes within the framework of change management and that they must expect minor and major setbacks. In this module, get to know change as a process with five phases in which you can move safely with a handful of essential tasks (T.I.G.E.R.-Method©). Keep an overview and don’t get lost in numerous, mostly emotional discussions that obey individual interests.

Effective change management: touching and connecting with stories

If you want to change your organisation and communicate the new development to your employees, the best way to do this is to tell them the story behind it. Employees then change because they want the change, believe in the story behind it and understand how they can contribute to its success. Even if you would not call yourself a born storyteller, in this module on change management you will learn how to touch others and deal with initial resistance.

Failures in change management - offering stirrups

As a leader, you cannot change anyone - employees have to do that themselves. However, you can make it easier for them to take the first steps into the learning zone or to deal constructively with failures. This module therefore includes a coaching crash course in change management for leaders and thus expands your leadership repertoire. Because you should also be able to change your leadership on the way from A to B and adapt it to the situation. This module supports you in your personal leadership transformation.

Using energy from successes for further successes in change management

While most are just happy when change processes are completed, you go one step further. Firstly, you understand that there is always a change to be managed somewhere and you should regularly strengthen your calm and your power. Secondly, you will ensure that employees specifically reflect on their successes and thus feel more courage, confidence and optimism when the next transformation is due.

Continuing education in change management: my offer for concrete impact

I offer the leadership training “Changing the Organisation” partly as part of in-house leadership seminars or academies. It is the culmination of the modules “Leading Yourself – Personnel Development“ and “Leading Others – Training for Leaders“. I usually accompany leadership teams during change processes, so that the contents of the module are implemented in the specific context. It is also possible to present this content as a speaker at events. Please contact me to find out more about the contents of my training “Changing Organisations” and to clarify any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!