Leadership Weiterbildung

Personnel development for leaders: leading yourself

“Those who lead others should be able to lead themselves” - but what is meant by this? Often the leadership task also brings with it a feeling of isolation: leaders lack an exchange about how they should behave in certain situations. Many therefore seek out conversations with colleagues, acquaintances, friends. They receive tips and tricks, but often the question remains how they can help themselves in the future. This is where human resource development comes in. Among other things, it pursues the goal of effectively strengthening the resilience and self-efficacy of managers.

Understanding yourself and others with the help of human resource development

The performance of a team depends decisively on how leaders behave towards employees. In the module “Leading yourself” I work with you as a coach on your personal development. Firstly, you learn to recognise your own behaviour: What are you strong at? Why do you avoid them? When do you get nervous? And secondly, you learn to put yourself in your employees’ shoes, to classify their reactions and to use them constructively.

Personnel development: strengthening resilience, maintaining self-efficacy

Everyday management is not only multifaceted, but also energy-sapping: high speed, confusing situations, ambiguous information demand a high degree of attention. Strengthen your resilience, elasticity and effectiveness with the help of personnel development measures. Don’t limit yourself to surviving your daily management routine, but also to shaping it.

Regardless of your experience as a leader, you will face challenges that challenge you personally - and thus offer a great development opportunity. Often this involves the need to discard a certain behaviour (e.g. controlling less) or adopt a new one (e.g. giving more feedback). But such changes also arouse fears and inhibit you from taking the necessary steps. If you use the Immunity-to-Change method in the field of human resource development, you will quickly find such inhibitors and overcome them in a targeted way.

Fulfil leadership roles self-confidently with personnel development

As a rule, leaders have numerous explicit and implicit expectations. But what do you expect of yourself in your role? How do you want to be perceived and why? How do you integrate what is important to you personally into your leadership role? Find your leadership - because there is no other. The better you integrate your personal expectations with the company’s expectations, the more effective you become. And the more you will enjoy your role.

Leadership development: my offer for your personal development

I offer leadership development “Leading yourself” mainly in the context of in-house leadership seminars or academies. Depending on your needs, I also use topics from it as part of my leadership coaching, personal executive coaching or team coaching. I am also happy to share this content as well as aspects of “Leading others” and “Changing Organizations” in addition to workshops as a speaker at events. Simply contact me now to find out more about Leadership Transformation. I look forward to hearing from you.