Leading with the T.I.G.E.R.-Method© (2018)

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Leading joyfully (again).

Aren’t you also surprised that despite all the advice and leadership programs, only few leaders really enjoy their leadership task? And that the most frequent reasons for termination have remained unchanged over the last 15 years (no feedback, not involved, meaningless work)? What is going wrong?

Understanding and filling out leadership roles

Even if there are no easy answers to these questions, something must change in the way leaders learn about the leadership task, acquire it and implement it in everyday life. And this book makes a contribution to this. By pointing leaders to the core of leadership and naming the tasks that go with it. So that the core can unfold in everyday life. So that leaders can lead successfully and with joy.

Book opening; 2018 (Zurich)

Creating and using opportunities

You will not find in this book any references to people who have attracted attention through extraordinary actions or decisions. You won’t find “the ten best Steve Jobs tips” nor a guide to “getting into management in three steps. However, you will find a pragmatic approach on how to use your personal leadership behavior to master the leadership task assigned to you in such a way that you develop employees, create opportunities and inspire others for this task.

Challenge and promote development

Ultimately, it is always people who recognize opportunities, sense market chances, take risks, and break new ground. But to do this, they need partners they trust, partners who give them room to develop. Science has repeatedly proven that under these circumstances, employees get involved, get involved, go further and are more loyal, creative and persevering. I do not know of any leaders who would not wish for such employee behavior. That’s why I am passionately committed every day to ensuring that leaders can enable precisely this kind of development - and thereby develop themselves and feel joy.

With this book, I am making a contribution to exactly this. I wish you much pleasure.