The Cultural Fingerprint (CFP): developing individual leadership impact.

The leadership culture lived influences the cooperation in the company, its attractiveness, dynamics and robustness. Every decision, no matter how small, is shaped by the leadership culture and shapes it in turn. It can therefore be formed. And the CFP is a key.

Based on the T.I.G.E.R.-Method©, the 5 core themes (tell, integrate, grow, encourage, realize) are assessed. Each core topic comprises 3 dimensions. By means of a self-assessment of 90 scaling questions, the individual leadership impact is determined and delivered as a profile (pdf; approx. 12 pages).

How do leaders and leadership teams recognize their own (cultural) imprint? How do they shape interactions, employees, projects, innovations? Do they generate inspiring impulses? Do they facilitate the integration of people and ideas? And how can this imprint be changed or unfolded? The CFP can guide self-reflective leaders in taking their own impact to the next level.

In addition to individual benefits, the CFP can also strengthen the impact of entire leadership teams by revealing their imprint on the company and thus creating an exciting basis for discussion.

Leaders are responsible for their own formative impact. The CFP gives them the opportunity to actually understand their responsibility and their impact - beyond lengthy discussions about values. Concrete questions, concrete answers and concrete tips give leaders an effective tool to reflect on their own impact and to shape it on their own responsibility.

Suggestions and advice listed in the CFP profile come from a balanced mix of conversations with leaders, personal insights from coaching, public studies and publications. The CFP is therefore not an academic tool, but a pragmatic and proven tool. It triggers helpful discussions and experience processes and offers leaders and leadership teams (new) perspectives to make their daily decisions in such a way that employees and companies can develop at the same time - in other words, they create a fruitful environment.

You can request the CFP here and also ask me any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

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An individual CFP costs CHF 225.- (excl. VAT) and includes the survey, the profile as well as a half-hour conversation (phone, video). Orders of 25 or more will be quoted separately.