Dr. Martin Buerki

leadership partner, speaker & author

“Joy in leading others results in success – and not the other way around.”

Leading defines the direction of a movement that evolves from within. That is the reason why leading is always a question of suitability attitude.

Companies and organizations need more leadership! Not a process-oriented but rather an dictating integrating leadership that transports culture and builds trust.

Method (spotligt)

Many questions, one answer

What is leadership for? How does it unfold a stable impact in an agile environment? Which contents should be taught and trained? And how?

These and other questions build the ground of the attractive T.I.G.E.R.-leadership method©. Already many leaders use it successfully. As broad as their ambitions even are they share a common view: they engage, assume their responsibilities, encourage and facilitate. For the good of employees and the organization.

What about you?

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    How you touch and move employees with your ambition.

    Comfort zones are the ultimate death of movement and development – so leave it! Create an attractive gravitation field that employees can’t resist. Offer meaning and create resonance. This is how you generate identity.

    In short: An ambition that does not establish connection is like a letter with no salutation.

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    How you unite employees to initiative, agile and diverse communities.

    Today, cooperation seems pretty simple: it’s virtual, fast, punctual and diverse. You just need to create a safe and stable ground for it: endow trust, foster diversity and anchor your own culture.

    In short: Diversity presupposes diversity – and starts in the head.

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    How you unfold potentials in employees and create new opportunities.

    Positive emotions trigger employees’ engagement, creativity and courage. So honestly and energetically strengthen their strengths and see their potential unfold.

    In short: Challenging expectations and honest discussions wake up dormant potentials.

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    How you empower employees to help themselves and help others.

    Old-fashioned thinking blocks performance. The same is true when it comes to leading others. Love and live your role as a coach to show employees that you care and help them help themselves and others.

    In short: Respectful interactions open alternative interpretations – and actions.

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    How you strengthen and multiply the success of employees.

    Successes energize! Even your employees. Help them see, accept and appreciate their contribution and gauge their own potential for further development.

    In short: Successes create new gravity fields.


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    Discover effective alternatives to your actual leadership style and behaviour. In varied modules you will learn how to positively embrace challenges and lead with joy.

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    Shift your focus from handling things to shaping new paths: This will relief you. And employees will get further simply because they will be offered opportunities to go beyond existing limitations and grow into new roles.

    Trustful conversations and experiments will help you on your way.

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    Unmask your own leadership behavior and laugh about the simple fact that leading others does not came easy for anybody – and that it even can’t successfully be done all the time.

    In my speeches I offer you and your guests interesting and refreshing thoughts about leadership. Presented enjoyable and still well-founded.

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    Our annual LeaderSummit conferences you will find and expand your Community of Practice. Like-minded personalities from different industries discuss leadership and its actual and future opportunities and challenges: Gen Y, agile and tile organizations, psychological contracting… stay ahead! Allow yourself the opportunity to sit in others’ boats and learn from their experiences – as the y will from yours. Share your insights, report about successes and about things that did not run as well as you might have planned. Expand your horizon and your ambitions with this valuable exchange among peers.

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How I will help you:

Leaders find themselves often between organizational change, complex dependencies and human needs. That may be puzzling and exhausting.

I help leaders to focus with joy on the core of leadership. So that they create a climate in which employees flourish, engage and develop.

Short Curriculum vitae

Get to know me (better).

Why necessary change does not happen even when all involved parties have committed to it? And what does that mean for leaders? I am passionately devoted to these and similar questions. In my work I integrate insights from various sources such as Positive Psychology and different development approaches to help leaders in many organizations to identify and overcome the Immunity to Change (ITC) of individuals and groups. So that they might achieve a state of continuous and deliberate development.

Further points:

− PhD in business administration and economics; university of Basle
− Positions in Management Consulting and Banking
− Since 2003: self-employed entrepreneur and leadership partner
− 2011: ITC diploma of Harvard university, Boston
− 2013: ITC-facilitator diploma of Harvard university, Boston
− 2018: Latest publication (in german): “leading with the T.I.G.E.R.-Method”
− 2019: Published various articles (see material)
− 2020: SGO: Practice Head “Leadership”


Perspectivize! Wie Sie Mitarbeitenden helfen, Perspektiven zu finden.

Als Anbieter von Führungskursen, Einzel- und Teamcoachings werde ich – wie viele meiner Kollegen und Mitbewerber – von Unternehmen mit einer Weiterbildungsaufgabe betraut. Nicht selten soll ich im Vorfeld skizzieren, wie meine Arbeit nachhaltig wirkt. Das ist exakt der Moment, in dem ich das Verhalten der Vorgesetzten im Rahmen von Weiterbildungen anspreche: Fordern sie die ausgebildeten Inhalte ein? Verstärken Sie mit diesem Artikel radikal die Nachhaltigkeit Ihrer Weiterbildungen.

„Martin, wenn mich engagierte und passionierte Mitarbeitende für eine MBA-Weiterbildung anfragen, werde ich nervös. Denn bisher haben die meisten nach dieser Weiterbildung innert 6 Monaten gekündigt.“ Hand auf’s Herz – das würde uns wohl auch nervös machen. Zum einen wollen wir in Mitarbeitende investieren und ihnen Perspektiven bieten. Wir wollen zum anderen aber auch, dass diese Mitarbeitenden ihre neu erworbenen Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse umsetzen und das Unternehmen weiterbringen.

Was können Sie also tun?

VORHER: Schärfen Sie die Zutrittskriterien Ihrer Weiterbildungsbausteine.

Die Nachhaltigkeit einer Weiterbildung beeinflussen Sie im Vorfeld bereits durch die (interne) Kommunikation der Zutrittskriterien und Positionierung der Weiterbildung. Beide steuern, ob Teilnehmende eine Weiterbildung bloss als generelle „Pflichtübung“ wahrnehmen (um dann sehr rasch von „Alibiübung“ zu sprechen (siehe Blog: „Zynische Mitarbeitende)) oder als speziellen Anlass würdigen, dessen (spezifische) Zutrittskriterien jeder Teilnehmende erfüllt hat. Damit entsteht eine grundsätzliche Kongruenz (möglicherweise auch Konkurrenz) unter den Teilnehmenden quasi im Vorfeld der Weiterbildung. Und so steigt deren (erwartete) Relevanz. Die dafür Qualifizierten nehmen die Weiterbildung ernst(er), bereiten sich besser darauf vor und

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