Dr. Martin Buerki

leadership partner, speaker & author

“Joy in leading others results in success – and not the other way around.”

Leading defines the direction of a movement that evolves from within. That is the reason why leading is always a question of suitability attitude.

Companies and organizations need more leadership! Not a process-oriented but rather an dictating integrating leadership that transports culture and builds trust.

Method (spotligt)

What should leadership achieve? How does it develop a stable effect in an agile environment? Which contents should be communicated? And how?

I have been dealing with these and other questions for almost 20 years. In doing so, I am committed as a Leadership Partner. In this role, many contributions and impulses for the design and perception of leadership have emerged. Enriched with my experiences, insights and tips, a book has emerged that summarizes these many components and condenses them into a tangible, practical approach. In doing so, I give leadership, leaders and management tasks the importance of being the epicenter of successful corporate development.

In “Leading with the T.I.G.E.R. Method©” I lay the foundation for what I consider to be the central perspective of leadership (making others successful) and the necessary change of roles for leaders. Both succeed along the five core tasks Tell, Integrate, Grow, Encourage and Realize. (more)

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    How you touch and move employees with your ambition.

    Comfort zones are the ultimate death of movement and development – so leave it! Create an attractive gravitation field that employees can’t resist. Offer meaning and create resonance. This is how you generate identity.

    In short: An ambition that does not establish connection is like a letter with no salutation.

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    How you unite employees to initiative, agile and diverse communities.

    Today, cooperation seems pretty simple: it’s virtual, fast, punctual and diverse. You just need to create a safe and stable ground for it: endow trust, foster diversity and anchor your own culture.

    In short: Diversity presupposes diversity – and starts in the head.

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    How you unfold potentials in employees and create new opportunities.

    Positive emotions trigger employees’ engagement, creativity and courage. So honestly and energetically strengthen their strengths and see their potential unfold.

    In short: Challenging expectations and honest discussions wake up dormant potentials.

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    How you empower employees to help themselves and help others.

    Old-fashioned thinking blocks performance. The same is true when it comes to leading others. Love and live your role as a coach to show employees that you care and help them help themselves and others.

    In short: Respectful interactions open alternative interpretations – and actions.

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    How you strengthen and multiply the success of employees.

    Successes energize! Even your employees. Help them see, accept and appreciate their contribution and gauge their own potential for further development.

    In short: Successes create new gravity fields.


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    ** NEW ** Pop-up Coach (digital)

    Pop-up Coaching: An uncomplicated coaching format for women and men in management positions who lack a short, selective exchange. I create space for you to reflect on challenging leadership situations quickly and in an uncomplicated way.

    Book a session.
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    Transformations fail because of complexities or the inability to deal with them. I support leaders to understand these complexities, to prepare themselves and the change - beyond conventional “change programs”. But with real effect.

    Let's talk about it.
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    Leadership roles are versatile, leadership tasks are challenging, leadership situations are complex. Are you satisfied with your impact? Or do you rather stand in your own way? I show you how to free yourself from (recurring) traps and how to really unfold.

    Watch Testimonal (youtube)
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    Rocket Trainer

    Not all teams - especially management teams - reach their possible performance level, the concerns are too dispersed, the ambitions are too different, the cooperation is too uncertain. I will show you how to ignite the next level and bring your team performance to a “next level.

    Watch Testimonal (youtube)
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    Bridge builder

    Do you feel alone with your leadership challenges? Use Altize - the community of leaders for leaders. Learn from others and share your own experiences. Anonymous, discreet and uncomplicated.

    Altize - community for leaders by leaders
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    Sometimes a personal and open exchange is more helpful than 1000 books. That’s why with the LeaderSummit* I create an inspiring and instructive event by and for leaders from different industries.

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How I will help you:

Leaders find themselves often between organizational change, complex dependencies and human needs. That may be puzzling and exhausting.

I help leaders to focus with joy on the core of leadership. So that they create a climate in which employees flourish, engage and develop.

Short Curriculum vitae

Get to know me (better).

Why necessary change does not happen even when all involved parties have committed to it? And what does that mean for leaders? I am passionately devoted to these and similar questions. In my work I integrate insights from various sources such as Positive Psychology and different development approaches to help leaders in many organizations to identify and overcome the Immunity to Change (ITC) of individuals and groups. So that they might achieve a state of continuous and deliberate development.

Further points:

− PhD in business administration and economics; university of Basle
− Positions in Management Consulting and Banking
− Since 2003: self-employed entrepreneur and leadership partner
− 2011: ITC diploma of Harvard university, Boston
− 2013: ITC-facilitator diploma of Harvard university, Boston
− 2018: Latest publication (in german): “leading with the T.I.G.E.R.-Method”
− 2019: Published various articles (see material)
− 2020: SGO: Practice Head “Leadership”


A leader's tandem

Once you lead, you will also have to decide. This is not easy when situations are constantly changing and consequences are hard to assess. How do you form an opinion anyway?

Much is easier when you are two.

Leaders find themselves confronted with an almost endless stream of different decisions. These decisions are often emotionally charged (or distorted) in advance so that they are made as quickly as possible, because otherwise something would happen or even become impossible.

This (political) jostling makes many people reluctant to take on a leadership role: Almost always someone feels disadvantaged, always one seems to be late or is latently unsure whether one might have overlooked an important detail. This is no fun in the long run. What next?

Most people turn to a person they trust. This can be a colleague, a long-time employee, a friend in yoga or former fellow students. It is not uncommon for them to be life partners. These people are important for your mental hygiene, but you should not stress them too much:

  • You should not constantly visit people with whom you share a common, often friendly past. Otherwise they will feel exploited.
  • You should not share all information with people who work in the same company. You will hardly gain new perspectives.
  • The exchange with people in a “pub-like” environment bears the risk of indiscretions. Here too, caution is advised.

It is not easy to find people for an exchange and to form opinions. Therefore, I suggest that you consciously and purposefully look for a professional partner with whom you can connect as a tandem and be available to each other for questions and discussions.

Such tandem partners differ from the above-mentioned persons and relationships in that the exchange is central and can be used equally for both. There is agreement on this. No one has to do the other a favor or redeem such a favor. Thus the risk of emotional imbalance or a threat to the relationship is very minimal.

Tandem partners can, but do not have to, come from the same industry. Often it is an enormous enrichment to have access to a new wealth of experience. And the situation described above, in which leaders often find themselves, cannot be limited to one industry or company anyway. Meeting tandem partners are at eye level, because they probably experience their everyday life similarly.

Tandem partners create (each other) space for developing their own opinions and perspectives.

They accept that everyone keeps their own notebook in their own hands. In this respect, supposed differences hardly play a role: management experience, national or international activities, size of the company, number of employees in management, hierarchical position, etc.

You may now be asking yourself where you can find such tandem partners. In which networks should you be active? Before you start actively searching, you should ask yourself whether you are really looking for a tandem partner or rather a mentor who can help you accelerate your career (which would be quite legitimate). This question seems important to me. Because while tandem partners broaden your perspectives for making decisions (and promote your self-reflection), mentors are more likely to show you tips and tricks or to protect you from stumbling blocks (and strengthen your ability to adapt). The distinction between these two roles is important to ensure that you have the right conversations with the right partners. And to avoid (mutual) disappointments.


  • Create a table with four columns. In the first column you write possible tandem partners, in the third column the names of possible mentors. And in the free columns you write down where you are most likely to meet these people. Prepare yourself for meetings by formulating your motive for an exchange. The person you are meeting will think carefully about whether he or she should get involved with you.

  • If you don’t like this approach, take advantage of a digital and new opportunity: We have created an online community of leaders for leaders. There you have access to a wide variety of people who exchange ideas (anonymously), learn from each other and help each other. Here you can find your tandem partner. In this community nobody will sell you anything. Your openness will not be exploited. There is neither advertising nor are there any costs for you. We want you to be able to trust, find relevant people and help others with your wealth of experience. Altize provides peer advice on the spot. There is no more time for relationship building, you are no longer alone for upcoming decisions. On altize you will find suitable partners for a target-oriented exchange, for your own opinion. Around the clock.

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